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Best Email App For iPhone and iPad

There are several options when choosing an email app for your iPhone or iPad. Apple Mail is one of the free options, and comes installed on your device. The downside of using Apple Mail, however, is that it doesn’t always receive Gmail messages as quickly as other email applications. This problem has plagued Apple Mail for years. Here are three other options to consider. Let us know which one you prefer in the comments section below.


Spark is an email app that allows collaboration across teams. It also syncs with Apple Watch. It allows for email scheduling and the ultimate in email organization. The failsafe feature of “send later” means that you don’t have to be in the app at the time you want to send your email. You can also set reminders to follow up on emails. Spark also has a nifty reminder function, so you can easily find the answers you need to your emails.

In addition to its advanced features, Spark supports customization to meet your needs. You can add a toolbar to display up to six actions for each message. These actions can be arranged in any order, so you can customize them however you’d like. One-touch actions allow you to move a message, mark it as spam, save it to PDF, or evict unwanted messages to junk mail.

Spark also integrates with task managers. When you open an email in Spark, it will automatically create a task based on the email’s title and subject. You can also add a task description and due date to any task you’d like to work on later. You can even send emails to a task manager. Spark is also extremely efficient, and offers many useful features for teams. And with its price tag of free, you can’t go wrong.

Spark is an email app for iPhone and iPad developed by Readdle. Like Pocket, Spark integrates with Evernote, Readability, and OneNote. It also supports Group replies and snoozes. Spark’s other features include a pre-written email signature and an email calendar. Using this app will ensure that you’re keeping track of every email and composing an efficient reply.


Gmail has an intuitive interface and supports multiple email accounts including iCloud, Outlook, Yahoo, and IMAP. However, if you have a Gmail account, this app is the best one to use. The Gmail app also integrates with Google Drive, Docs, and Sheets, making it easy to create, view, and organize shared files. It also offers a smart compose feature, which suggests a next word based on your writing style.

Gmail for iOS features many of the same features found in the browser-based version. It supports multiple accounts, autocomplete for contact names, and unlimited scrolling inboxes. It also supports multiple accounts and includes great search functions. Other features of the app include support for multiple inboxes and multiple accounts, and it is easy to create and organize folders with a few taps.

Apple’s Mail app is also a great option for iPhone users. It comes with Apple’s iOS software and has a clean UI and no ads. It supports most email services, including Gmail, so it’s easy to switch between accounts. It also supports customizable swipe gestures for moving through your inbox, deleting messages instantly, and archiving messages. However, if you prefer the traditional email client, Gmail may not be the best choice for you.

Spark is another great option, which supports multiple email accounts and a universal inbox. It also has the ‘Smart Inbox’ feature, which separates incoming mail into different types. It prioritizes emails from humans and groups them together. Furthermore, it has the ability to snooze messages, pin them for later viewing, and even send quick replies. It has many advantages, but the most important one is its ease of use and speed.


If you’re looking for the best email app for iPhone and iPad, look no further than Airmail. Originally developed for the Mac, this app has recently migrated to iOS. It’s very customizable, with features such as labels, color schemes, and smart folders. You can even choose how you want swipes and menu items to look. It’s a fantastic alternative to Apple’s mail app.

There are tons of filters to help you filter your emails easily. Choose a flag to mark emails as unread or to filter for longer threads. Airmail even highlights emails that are most likely to be useful to you. You can also set up your own ‘VIP’ list to get a quick reply to every email. The app is completely customizable and available on both iOS and iPadOS.

The today widget lets you see all your emails in one place. You can easily see who sent each email and what they are about. It stores archived accounts locally, so you don’t have to connect to the server. Several useful plugins help you manage your email, such as SMIME encryption, GPG encryption, and read receipts. You can also add sketches to your emails or mark them for action.

Another great email app for iOS is Gmail. It filters emails in chronological order and allows you to view unread emails. It also includes a handy filter icon at the bottom of the screen. Unlike Gmail, it doesn’t support Yahoo mail accounts, so if you use Gmail, you’ll probably be better off using Airmail. It also supports multiple email accounts and has some great features.

People Toggle

When you’re looking for the best email app for iPhone and iPad, consider Blue Mail. It features a smart user interface, unlimited email accounts, and smart push notifications. It also offers group emailing and personalization across multiple accounts. Using this app is free, and the app offers excellent email service for all your accounts. You can also make your inbox a darker color with a people toggle switch. It also has a search function by avatars to help you find emails from people you interact with most.

Gmail is another popular email app. This app lets you snooze notifications and avoid spam. It supports Touch technology and Face ID, and its share extension lets you share your emails with others. You can also customize your email app by downloading additional plugins, which will allow you to make it more powerful. You can find more useful apps like Mailbox on the App Store and Google Play Store.

Complete Threads groups email messages from different mailboxes into threads. To toggle on the feature, you’ll need to navigate to the Settings menu. From there, you can toggle on or off Show messages arranged by conversations. This feature is great for email threads, but it is important to keep them on topic and strip out unwanted images. To further reduce your inbox, you can also forward emails and use the People Toggle.

Spike is another great email app. It offers chat functionality and a desktop app for Windows and Mac, allowing you to access the same features from any device. If you don’t have a Yahoo account, you can try TypeApp Mail. It supports POP3 accounts and offers a unified account experience. Besides that, it supports multiple email accounts and features such as calendar integration and threaded conversations.


Tutanota is an email service that offers privacy and end-to-end encryption. When sending an email, Tutanota creates a private mailbox for the recipient, so you can’t send it to anyone who doesn’t have the app. Your recipients can’t read your messages, but they can view and reply to them. Tutanota is also easier to use than PGP, which requires a lot of technical knowledge.

Tutanota supports several types of 2FA security systems, which is very useful for sending emails and securing personal information. Users can easily sign up for a free account using their password, but they must enter their email address and confirm that they are at least 16 years old. Despite the security features, you don’t have to give Tutanota any personal information. There are no strings attached to creating a free account, and it’s anonymous. The service has a spam prevention process to protect you against spam emails.

Tutanota has an easy-to-use web client that looks like the email service of your choice. It has a simple interface that lets you change and customize it to your liking. It offers three tabs for storing your emails. Using the rules in the email program, you can easily identify useful emails and delete those that aren’t. You can also import vCard 3.0 contacts into the Tutanota web client.

Another great email app for iPhone and ipad is Airmail, which is designed for iOS and MacOS. Airmail is very customizable, with deep integration with other Apple products. It allows you to add as many email accounts as you want, and block tracking pixels and prevent images from automatically loading. It allows you to create templates and save email messages. Triage is another great iPhone app for email on your iPhone. This app also supports IMAP communication over secure connections.