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Graphic Designers in New York

Multimedia & Graphic Design Agency in New York City

Let’s collaborate to develop designs that deliver memorable experiences that champion the value of your brand and inspire people to take action. Make your mark on your brand with the help of our Graphic Design services.

Do you need a Graphic Designer? We can help you!

If you’re searching for the perfect logo or some amazing flyers, our designers can help you achieve it.

In addition to our Mobile App Development, we design sales as well as marketing materials for local New York businesses. We specialize in Graphic Design, web design, print or printing, brochures catalogs, logo design, ads, sales kits, web design menus, and computer graphic arts for restaurants, manufacturers, nightclubs, hotels, and many more companies.

About Us

We’re design enthusiasts with a solid data-focused backbone. At Talk About Design, we have been honored to design practical and eye-catching designs for small businesses throughout New York since 1991.

It’s what makes the Talk About Design distinction. Each asset we design for your brand will be backed by a history of analysis, data, and old-fashioned knowledge. We ensure your brand collateral will be seen by customers in the most refined method. We are also detail experts with an eye for perfection in pixel and the eyes to master it. That’s how we’ve managed to develop striking visual design concepts for some of the most intriguing brands.

An excellent Graphic Design is among the most significant investments in your business. Because of the vast array of different images, your customers are presented with a variety of visuals every day. This is why they are more likely to dismiss designs that don’t appeal directly to them. At Talk About Design, we’re not simply creatively driven; we’re driven by data. We recognize that it is essential for our work to reach our customers where we want them to. First, we must learn as much about our target audience as possible and devise strategies to make the most of our understanding and turn them into actual-world visuals.

At our Graphic Design Agency, we believe in producing content that stands out from feeds and has known to produce results. We are a group of highly acclaimed designers, developers, and content strategists, who continuously strive to establish the latest Graphic Design fashions.

From websites and paid ads from print and digital media, our staff designs materials across all platforms and media to raise awareness and increase your company’s visibility.

Talk About Design can help guide the Graphic Design process more than just a Graphic Design company. Helping you help you navigate the web design and printing development, resulting in an electronic or printed marketing product you’ve been searching for. Additionally, we can translate that unique concept into online or electronic design. Your sales collateral and your website design will be consistent with the style you’re looking for.

Talk About Design is the driving factor behind many brand and household brand marketing campaigns, nationally recognized sales, and marketing. We are ready to help New York companies looking to market themselves locally or across the country.

The capabilities of our Graphic Design agency services include brand identity logos, brand identity packaging, branding, and many other things.

More than just business logos, Talk About Design’s concentration on Graphic Design in New York’s local community reflects the company’s dedication to improving the efficiency and effectiveness of our services.

Our Graphic Design Services

Graphic Design is as varied as your business and can be a variety of media, formats, and styles. At Talk About Design, we are experts in branding, design strategies, the most effective practices, and Graphic Design creation for all media that span both the digital and analog worlds. We take pride in making engaging and exciting visualizations of data, from infographics, charts, and graphs, to diagrams, animation timelines, and heatmaps. Assist in highlighting important information that users can digest quickly and efficiently.

We also design custom-made social media websites, web content, sales collateral, packaging, and swag designs with a natural, authentic brand-like look rooted in solid market and design information, the latest best practices, and a comprehensive strategy.

Business Logo Design

A great logo should be easy to understand, memorable, and timeless. A good logo should be one that can help build and strengthen your company’s identity while promoting your brand’s product or service.

Talk About Design is a top logo design agency located in the Greater New York Area, specializing in branding. Our graphic design services analyze the key components that make up your brand and determine your logo’s requirements for the best appeal to the market.

We’ve heard it all the time, “Don’t judge a book on its cover” however, in the business world, many people do! Make sure your book is distinct from your competition, so prospective customers can remember their experience! When you hire a Graphic Designer at Talk About Design, we ensure your book’s cover will be remembered! We partner with you and develop a unique idea to transform it into something memorable.

Corporate Identity Design

If you’ve landed on this page, I imagine your company is looking to create an impression that lasts and expands in an ever-changing market. If so, you’ll require the proper corporate identity. As a trusted New York Graphic Design Company, Talk About Design will design a corporate identity design for you at a design cost that is affordable for all.

Is your offering more of a niche market? If so, our custom branding design services may be a better option.

Brand Design

Talk About Design’s New York Graphic Designers develop the elements in your brand to convey the worth that you offer as a company. With more than three decades of brand identity experience, at Talk About Design, we create a business’s brand identity the way your business would like to appear in the eyes of the public. The same goes for the image you wish to convey to the marketplace and attract your customers.

Keep in mind that branding is all you require to build your business. Our Graphic Design Services deliver unique and simple logo for your business, making it more effective! A great logo design will let everyone know about your company’s mission and what your company values are with a single glance.

Illustration and Vector Design

Nowadays, Digital Media requires scalable images that can be reproduced in every size, from small business cards to huge signs, without sacrificing quality or resolution. Vector graphics are made using lines, points, curvatures, shapes, and forms using mathematical formulas. These graphics contain color tints, blends, or gradients. Like a solid, dashed line, bars feature a stroke attribute with various shades and thicknesses. As a trusted graphic design agency at Talk About Design, we create these files, ensuring you have the correct files you require for your next project.

Photo Editing and Photoshop Services

Talk About Design provides complete editing of photos services, from enhancing product photos and background elimination to restoration. We can make your location or product photo from mundane to extraordinary by transforming your photo from correction to painting your photos.

Publication Design

The publication trend is everywhere, from the newspapers to the blogs we read every week. Having a successful campaign is crucial to the success of your business. Talk About Design specializes in publishing art, creativity, and technology that allows you to mix and convey ideas. This encompasses print design, info graphic design, illustration, photography, and advertising.

Custom Packaging Design

What’s in the package? How your packaging is constructed will have a profound impression on your customers. More importantly, will your product be recognized? Are you able to see it on the shelves of the shop? Does it bring a feeling of joy when it is opened by your client? That is the goal of packaging.

Packaging, when executed correctly and imaginatively by a New York Graphic Design company, is what ultimately makes your product stand out. It draws attention, transmits messages, and makes customers feel certain.

Create a memorable branding experience with appropriate designs. Our designs will leave an impression on your customers while improving the perceived value of your brand identity. Packaging design is more than simply safeguarding your products. Let our experienced packaging designers assist you in this.

Infographics Design

Information graphics, also known as infographics, can be described as visual representations of information, data, or other knowledge designed to convey information clearly and quickly. As a Graphic Design Agency in New York, we are known for creating infographics that convey an idea in a straightforward, simple graphic format.

Trade Show Display Design

A professionally designed trade display booth or sign can determine whether you beat your competitors or simply fail to stand out from the crowd. We guarantee you’ll be on the winning side by providing the sameness of the sales and marketing items.

Social Media Design

Every large or big or small business must advertise aggressively to the people it wants to reach. Increase your branding efforts with top-quality advertising products right from the start!

A top New York Graphic Design company must effectively present its brand or product on the most popular social media websites in the ever-expanding and changing social media platform. We design complementing graphics that have consistency across all of your marketing pieces.

Custom Illustration Design

Your look to find illustration and art can be ended here. Let our skilled illustrators and artists assist you by providing relevant mascots and illustrations design.

Talk About Design to make the distinctive illustration that your print piece needs to have. We craft stunning custom illustrations to print for brochures, sales flyers, or Infographics like your brand-new advertisement for a magazine. Our best New York illustration designers develop unique illustrations not only aid in beautifying your print piece and communicate something distinctive and unusual. Take advantage of our combined tenor of experience with a New York Graphic Design company.

Icon Design

There are many kinds of logos. Iconic logos are enticing. They are simple and uncomplicated, which is a hallmark of a company. Consider Coca Cola for example. It’s well-known throughout the world. Talk About Design creates instantaneously recognizable iconic icons with clarity when reproduced in small and large dimensions.

One Stop Design Solution at Your Fingertips!

Each design is created by a group of experienced and knowledgeable Graphic Designers who ensure the perfection that you want to design. We will satisfy you with top-quality design is our top priority. Our most popular Graphic Design services start at a meager price and have choices to fit any budget, making them affordable for everyone. No matter your project’s scope or complexity, you will be able to find our service very affordable. You can get your preferred design quickly, even before the delivery date. The group of experienced Graphic Designers at Talk About Design can create stunning designs in the shortest time.

Our Graphic Design Methodology

We craft user-centric designs for maximum engagement

Talk About Design adopts a user-centric, forward-thinking design strategy that is driven by sales. Were known to think outside the box to provide innovative design solutions that help the people who are your customers be drawn to your brand. The team we have composed of Graphic Design experts tells compelling stories to help you create a lasting impression for your brand.

Our team has the best software and hardware to design your marketing campaigns. They can quickly distribute them across multiple platforms to gain more traction and better engagement, from personalized logos and emailers from logos and emailers to infographics as well as presentations. We can efficiently handle the whole design process and help you take your messages beyond words using visually appealing images.

Our Graphic Design Process

Our Graphic Designers have unmatched experience in the design market. We live and breathe your brand design spirit. Our designers become part of your brand image and stretch their creativity using the most recent trends to create flawless designs.

The images they create will engage your customers at every stage of their purchasing journey. At our Graphic Design Agency, we employ a 360-degree perspective to our graphic concept and design ideas and treat every brief as unique.

From catalogs to corporate identity, company branding, to company stationery, we’re the people’s first choice. Our fine-tuned designs can be pumped out at the last-minute using data-driven insights.

In Demand & On Demand Graphic Design Services

We’re busy helping companies from various interests and areas with services that range in scope from logo design to print and almost everything else. Indeed, many of our customers are awed by how comprehensive our array of services is. Apart from the ones mentioned earlier, our services comprise identity branding and the front end of web design, vector art creation, packaging design, and many more. Whatever your specific requirements for creativity, you’re likely to find that we’ll be able to help you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose Talk About Design when you hire a Graphic Designer?

A dedicated team of the top design talent. Designed for Marketing, Brand, Product Design, and Strategy teams. Bringing your concepts to life is simple by using Talk About Design. Our simplified process was created to meet your design needs from start to finish through a dedicated staff allocated to each subscription customer and a fully-managed, tested process. It is possible to have a design that can be completed lightning fast. Additionally, it’s high-quality and cost-effective.

Perhaps you’re eager to create your unique brand and online identity. We at Talk About Design welcome the chance to learn more about your business and explore ways we can meet your requirements. In this case, we would like to encourage you to contact the Talk About Design team of design experts.

We offer a Graphic Design service built for fast companies

We’re reinventing how good design gets done. We offer unique frictionless, more efficient, quicker, and cheaper designs than traditional design agencies!

Reduce delays and eliminate unexpected costs! With Talk About Design, it is unnecessary to manage agencies or freelancers. You need to locate, join, manage, and track or be awed by inflated prices or deadlines. With our automated order wizard, you can begin your design project whenever needed and grow your team as needed.

Request Your Quote

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Create a lasting impression

From logos, letterheads, newsletters from newsletters, letterheads, and logos to corporate identity kits and brand clothing, Talk About Design can help you impress potential clients. We design offset press screens, offset press, and large format printing that can be used with every media and application. We are specialists in mobile and desktop websites.

If you’re looking to revamp or overhaul the look of your business, we can help.

What exactly is Graphic Design?

Graphic Design is an art process that professionals use to make visual material to convey messages. Through visual structure and layout methods, designers use typography and images to address the specific requirements of their users. They also pay attention to displaying elements in interactive designs to enhance your user experience.

What is User Experience in relation to User Experience Design?

A user experience (UX) can be defined as the experience the user of a specific product will experience when using the product. The UX designer’s primary function is to create a product with the best user experience. How do they achieve that?

It all starts with lots of studies. It is impossible to create something worth the user’s time without knowing the issues they’re looking to resolve. You’ll only gain this understanding through interactions with users. Also, how to address these issues in a way that the user will want to or, more importantly, will need your solution.

UX designers typically focus on three main aspects: the appearance, the feel of the product, and the ease of use.

The design of an item is about making sure that the product is appealing to the eye. That is, it should not only look attractive but also be attractive and appealing. Visual attraction, more specifically, is in tune with the values of the user and reflects what they want from the product. Doing this creates a bond of trust and confidence between the manufacturer and the user.

The next is the feeling and feel, which is the goal of creating products that can be described as “a pleasure for users to utilize.” This means that whether you’re using them or responding to them, they should offer the user a pleasant experience and not only an efficient one.

Ultimately, we must not forget that usability is the foundation of user experience. If a product can’t be used, users’ experience will not be enjoyable. UX designers seek to develop products that can, at a minimum, be customized to satisfy a user’s particular needs yet provide a predictable and reliable function.

If you’re not sure the meaning of UX design is the main focus, don’t fret! We’ve got a collection of articles to help you to make decisions. They’ll go over certain of the fundamental notions in UX design with a little more depth than we could provide here:

Why is Logo Design Essential?

It is not yet time to fully launch your venture until you’ve got the logo design. Imagine someone telling you a logo isn’t necessary when saying “good morning.” If that’s the case, you could consider looking out the window to check whether it’s morning since the person you’re talking to is either a fool or just ignorant.

Your logo design is vital for branding your company, marketing, and several other ways. If logos weren’t necessary, they wouldn’t be remembered as iPhones and MacBooks every time you look at an apple with one of its parts bitten off. They are discussed in the following paragraphs.

A logo is the representation of the brand through an image. It is the thing people associate your business with. Your logo design must convey to people the impression of what a company is all about and the services or services they offer, and not mislead them into thinking it’s different.

The identity is what differentiates the brand from the rest. A car company cannot include slices of bread within its logo. This would be in contradiction to the brand identity. With the right logo Design, the brand is easily recognized even when the logo gets a quick glance.

Logo designs designed by professionals project the credibility that will reflect the quality of your brand to potential clients, unlike a generic logo design. This will help to promote your brand and improves loyalty because clients will feel more secure in the company with a unique logo.

These logos are a reflection of the business’s identity. If appropriate, they will inspire potential customers to visit the company whenever and wherever they appear. The ideal logo is not the imaginative and vibrant one. It’s the one that stays in the mind of the person who sees it. It leaves a long-lasting and powerful impression on people who view them.

A great logo design is remembered when it is first seen the first time; it’s difficult to forget. When it is reviewed, the company immediately appears in mind. This is great for businesses as it helps keep the brand prominent in the minds of potential clients.

The significance of a logo design isn’t limited to branding only. It is essential in marketing strategies since it assists in marketing and advertising. As stated above, a good logo design attracts potential customers.

The creation of advert content is not complex. It also makes it easier to create advertising strategies and advert content. Simply placing the logo on print products, newspapers, and other media will go a long way in promoting your brand. You could quickly add your logo alongside a brief text or image, and your advert is ready.

The customers see your company through your logo when it relays information or impressions about your company. A well-designed logo design could be an advert in its own right.

You’re guaranteed to have an effective business with a well-designed logo design. There is a problem if the design isn’t significant enough and professional. The importance of it cannot be overemphasized, and you should take a look at your logo design when you’re wondering what the reason is for why sales are slow.

Hire a logo designer at Talk About Design to promote the brand today.

What’s a company logo’s purpose, and how is it essential to my brand?

Logo design combines symbols, text, images, colors, and other components. The coordinated arrangement of every component creates a unique logo that is in tune with the company’s mission and goal.

How do I have my professional logo created without using any software or tool?

You’ll require logo design concepts and ideas from people there. This is why our logo design services are helpful. With this service, we offer “Logo Design which creates a custom logo Design. It is an original logo developed by expert designers around the world.

What if I require more than a custom logo design for my brand?

A logo is among the most critical aspects that make up your brand. As a full-service graphic design agency, we provide everything you require to build your company, alongside the custom logo design. As part of the umbrella of our logo design services, we provide bundle packages that include

* Logo and brand identity

* Logo and business card

* Logo and website

* Logo with T-shirt design

* Logo and social media and much more

Pick a bundle pack according to your requirements, and take the next step to expand your brand while spending hundreds of dollars on expert logo design!

What do I get with the purchase of my custom logo design?

When you purchase a custom logo design, you’ll get all the standard ready-to-go designs you need to utilize online and printing.

What do I need to do for your company’s logo design ahead of time?

It is crucial to think about concepts. You’ll probably already know how your business logo will look, the colors you would like to use, the icon you choose, and much more. The more detailed you can describe your logo design requirements precisely, the more results you’ll likely see. Find some logo ideas and inspiration from this in case you run out of time.

How do I know my design idea is safe?

At Talk About Design, We consider confidentiality and security a top priority. Your entire company can benefit from our safe and secure design solution regardless of the competing department’s priority.

Can I obtain the copyright to my company’s logo design? If yes, then when?

Each graphic designer agrees to upload only their initial logo design samples to Talk About Design. This is why our designers have the sole right to their sample designs submitted until you make a final decision. After that, at the last phase of the logo, i.e., “handover,” our designer transfer copyrights to you. After completing the transfer, you are the sole proprietor of the winner’s logo.

Why should I select Talk About Design over a more creative design agency and a home-based logo maker?

Every company is different, as are its requirements. This is why different logo designs are needed. Creating a company logo using the logo maker is straightforward; however, the design will not be unique. Worse, it will look cheap and unauthentic. A custom logo guarantees you the most unique and pertinent design for your company.

What exactly does Graphic Designer do?

Our team of New York Graphic Designers is accountable for creating compelling digital messages to help potential customers comprehend the purpose behind a company. Our Graphic Design services blend concepts, images, languages, and logos to convey the message. The advantages associated with our professional Graphic Design are immense. A well-designed image gives an appearance that is professional and conveys the right message. Potential customers want to communicate and ultimately choose professional companies that convey professionalism. The best Graphic Designers in our agencies offer additional digital-focused services which focus on the logo and branding.

We are lucky that New York City has the top Graphic Design companies to employ. We invite you to examine our graphic design case studies, project retrospect’s, and customer reviews. You determine why Talk About Design is the best graphic design company to suit your needs. Utilize our years of experience and contact a Graphic Design company located in NYC.

What is emotional design?

Graphic Design can be described as communicating emotion through colors, typography, and images. Serif fonts and darker, duller colors suggest seriousness. Conversely, serif fonts and bright colors bring out a feeling of excitement or joy.

Graphic Designers typically are emotionally driven designers who trigger specific responses from a user. UX design is focused on the development of emotions in the user. But it is more likely to provide a more comprehensive perspective of the complete user experience using the product. In addition to being concerned with the appropriate design and color, our New York UX designers are also skilled in motion design, the tone of information architecture, content, and other graphic design aspects.

What exactly is Creative Design?

Our Graphic Designers, as well as UX designers, are both proficient in innovative thinking. For Graphic Designers creating images that conform to and yet retain an element of uniqueness requires a lot of creativity and analytical thinking. Like our team of web designers, our UX designers must develop products that solve user issues. Sometimes, traditional solutions may not always be the most efficient or the most effective ones.

What exactly is Prototyping in Graphic Design?

Graphic Designers typically create wireframes and mockups of designs before presenting a final design. This gives clients to give suggestions on their ideas and to improve them without starting with a new design. UX designers develop prototypes and mockups. However, these tend to be more focused on the “look” or “feel” of the product. Does the prototype work? Is it desirable? These are the types of questions the UX designer needs answers to.

The Differences in Graphic Design and UX Design

Graphic Designers tend to focus on perfect pixel quality in their work. Making sure that text has flawless kerning and color consistency to brand guidelines is essential to Graphic Designers’ tasks. And for an excellent reason as well. UX designers, however, focus on the user. They analyze the interaction between users and their product and find ways to ensure that the product meets the fundamental needs of the user. They accomplish this through much research, including speaking to and observing users, making user personas and narratives, conducting usability tests on products, and many others.